City of Derry Airport Arrivals

Arriving at LDY

The arrivals area for both domestic and international passengers is situated on the ground floor of the main terminal building. Once arrivals have disembarked the aircraft, they should follow instructions by airport staff and airport signs designated for new arrivals. Passengers arriving via an international flight should pass through the passport and immigration control, as well as the UK Border Force.

UK Border Agency

All international arrivals at the City of Derry Airport must approach the UK Border Agency. A UK Border Agency officer will request for passenger’s passport, important travel documents, and if necessary, other supporting documentation for the visit inspection will be required.

Baggage Reclaim

After passport control, arrivals should follow the special arrivals signs that preceded them to the baggage reclaim area. In international and domestic arrival baggage reclaim hall baggage trolleys are provided free of charge.

UK Customs

Arrivals who have goods or commercial goods to declare more than the allowance should go to the LDY Customs point. All LDY passengers are advised that to prevent any delays, they should:

  • Never bring anything into the UK for someone else.
  • Never carry prohibited goods in the UK.
  • Ask the Customs inquiry point for any doubt.
  • If being unsure regarding duty and tax-free entitlement, go to the Customs inquiry point.
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