City of Derry Airport Departures

Baggage Issues

At the City of Derry Airport, an increased security measure take place, with specific strict rules on what passengers' can and can't carry via their hand baggage onboard. All passengers are advised to pack their luggage in accordance with the airport's regulations set by the Department for Transport, along with a joint agreement with the airline's baggage policy. They aim to ensure that the journey throughout the LDY airport is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Identification Requirements

LDY advises all passengers to check their identification and other necessary travel document requirements right direct with their airline to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Arrival time

The city of Derry Airport recommends that all air travelers arrive at the airport approximately 2 hours before their scheduled departure time.

Check-in at the airport or online

Passengers of LDY airport are allowed by some airlines to check-in online for their departure flights. All passengers must follow their airline instructions and bring necessary documents for security checkpoints. Passenger should bring printing versions of their boarding pass, paperwork, and a valid passport or ID. On arrival at the LDY, if a passenger has only hand luggage, simply will proceed to security. However, if a passenger has baggage that needs to be checked in to the hold, he/she will need to go to the particular "Bag Drop" check-in area and approach their airline counter. Passengers who are checking in online will be subject to the same baggage and security rules.

At the check-in counter, passenger's flight ticket and passports or ID will be checked, their baggage will be weighed and labeled, and then a boarding card will be issued. Once passenger gets boarding pass, he/she can proceed through the security when boarding for his/he aircraft gate will be indicated.

Airport Security

Before entering the LDY departure lounge, all passengers are required to undergo through airport security control once they check-in. Passengers of LDY airport are advised to check with their airline regarding the dimensions and number of allowed hand baggage items. All items will be x-ray screened, including electronic devices, personal items, and cloth.

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