Zurich Airport Terminals

Terminal complex

The airport includes three airside piers, which are known as terminals A, B, and E (signposted as Gates A, B/D, and E). Terminals are linked to a central airside building called Airside Center, established in 2003. Together with the Airside Center, the ground-side terminal complex referred to as Airport Center comprises various buildings and includes airline check-in areas, a railway station, a shopping mall, car parks, and a bus and tram terminal. All departing commuters access the same departure level of the Airside Center, which contains duty-free shopping and various restaurants and bars, via airport security.The three airside terminals are:

Terminal A

Terminal A includes gates prefixed A. It opened in 1971, and it is used solely by flights to and from destinations inside the Schengen Area, including regional flights within the country. Since its expansion and development in 1982-1985, it takes the form of a finger pier, which is directly connected at one end to the Airside Centre. Terminal A is planned to be torn down and replaced by an entirely new facility in 2021.

Terminal B

Terminal B includes gates prefixed B and D. Opened in 1975, the terminal was reopened in 2011 after an extensive three-year reconstruction. Like terminal A, it is directly connected at one end to the Airside Centre. Since restoration, the facility became able to accommodate both Schengen and non-Schengen flights at the same gates. Each gate contains two numbers, one prefixed B and the other D, but with different commuter routes to and from the gates to separate the flows of Schengen and non-Schengen travelers.

Terminal E

Terminal E includes gates prefixed E and is frequently referred to as the midfield terminal or Dock E. It represents a stand-alone satellite terminal conveniently situated on the opposite side of runway 10/28 from the Airside Center. It is located between runways 16/34 and 14/32, and is solely used by non-Schengen international flights and became operational on September 1, 2003.