Zurich Airport Departures

Check-in options

Passengers are welcome to choose the check-in option, which is the most convenient for them. For avoiding long waiting times, the airport recommends using the Web check-in. Luggage can be handed in at the “Bag Drop “desk.

Online Check-In

The online check-in allows travelers to check-in conveniently and quickly from the comfort of their own home. To check-in online, all passengers require is Internet access and their flight details. Commuters can use registration directly by using the website for their airline. Travelers can print out their boarding cards at home.

Commuters can then hand over their luggage at the “Bag Drop “counter in the respective check-in area at the airport.

Desk check-in

First and second check-in areas are located just before the entrance to the passenger area, while the third check-in can be reached directly above the airport train station.

Check-in machines

Commuters can save time by checking in at a self-service check-in machine available at Zurich Airport. Rail commuters can go to the third check-in for a straightforward self-service check-in. It is also possible to register with luggage at the self-service machines, and this service is provided by the following airlines.

Mobile check-in

Mobile check-in takes place via the website of the airline. passengers can find the relevant link in the overview under “Mobile check-in. “Boarding cards are sent directly to their mobile phone by SMS/MMS. Depending on the airline, luggage is either handed over at the standard check-in counter or at the specially designated bag drop for travelers who have checked in online, which can be found in the respective check-in area at Zurich Airport.

If the battery of the mobile phone is flat or passengers have forgotten to bring their mobile phone with them, they can print out a paper boarding card at a self-service check-in machine at the luggage handover counter or the airport check-in counter.


For packing correctly and avoiding possible inconveniences at the security checkpoint, passengers are welcome to learn regarding some packing tips listed below.

  • In the hand luggage, passengers may only carry liquids in containers that hold a maximum of 100 ml.
  • These containers should be packed into a re-sealable 1-liter plastic bag while at home.
  • Spare batteries and power banks (charging devices with a battery) should be packed in the hand luggage only. It is recommended to secure batteries individually against short circuits.
  • Containers with more than 100 ml of liquids, as well as scissors and knives with blades over 6 cm in length, are only allowed in checked luggage.
  • If passengers are only traveling with hand baggage, they may not take these items with them on their journey.
  • Baby food, special foods, and liquid medication, required during the flight can be transported in containers of more than 100 ml in the hand baggage (following a check).
  • Lighters and matches are prohibited from being placed in the baggage. However, it is permitted to take a lighter or box of matches travelers are carrying on their person.
  • Items like sparklers, fireworks, fuel paste, batteries with a performance of over 160 Wh, etc. are also prohibited in any baggage.

For smooth passage through the security checkpoint travelers are recommended to have the following items ready to be placed separately into the luggage trays and follow the instructions from the security staff:

  • Purses and wallets, mobile telephone, coins, and keys, if they are in pockets
  • Coats, jackets, sports jackets and blazers, if they are not in the hand baggage
  • The 1-liter plastic bag that contains liquids (individual containers of up to 100 ml)
  • Liquid medication, special foods baby food of over 100 ml
  • Liquid tax as well as duty-free items of over 100 ml (with purchase receipt placed in a sealed, ICAO-compliant bag)
  • Laptop, camera, and tablet

Baggage check-in

The luggage allowance depends on the airline, destination, and booking class. If passengers have any additional questions regarding the permitted weight or size of the luggage, they should contact the relevant airline or travel agency.

Hand baggage

The allowed weight and size for hand baggage depend on the airline and booking class. For most airlines, hand baggage is permitted up to the following dimensions: 57 x 40 x 22 cm and max. 8 kg. For receiving more specific information about hand baggage regulations, commuters are recommended to consult the website of their airline.

If travelers have any questions or concerns about the hand baggage allowance, they should contact their airline or travel agency.

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