Zurich Airport Arrivals

Because of the biometric data available on passports, commuters can now cross the Schengen border without the intervention of the third-party.

Commuters who would like to use an automated passport control gate are required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Biometric passport/e-passport (not an ID card)
  • Citizen of Switzerland or an EU/EEA country

The automated passport control at Zurich Airport is voluntary for travelers. The staffed passport desks can still be used without any restrictions.

Automated passport control

Passengers should place their biometric passport on the passport reader at the security gate and wait until the document’s validity has been verified, and the entrance door opens.

After passing through the security gate, a biometric comparison is performed between a picture of the face (live recording) and the electronic photo stored in the e-passport. At the same time, of the biometric facial verification, personal data of customers is also checked against the passport data.

Once the check has been finished successfully, the exit door opens, and commuters leave the security gate. If the test indicates any irregularity or if additional clarification is required, manual inspection is performed. Once travelers have left the security gate, the biometric data collected during the check is deleted immediately.

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