Zurich Airport Transportation

Regional buses

16 bus and Postbus routes are connecting the central municipalities in the Zurich Oerlikon, Glatt valley, and Zürcher Unterland regions to the airport. Departures range from about every 10 minutes to hourly.

The covered bus station at Zurich Airport is the most significant in the country and provides direct access to the check-in areas and the Airport Shopping.

Glattalbahn tram service

The no. 10 tram runs approximately every 7 1/2 or 15 minutes directly from the airport to Zurich’s central railway station via Oerlikon, Glattpark, and Irchel.

The no. 12 tram runs from the facility to Stettbach station by Glattbrugg and Wallisellen station. The tram runs every 15 minutes and provides commuters with many interchange options for destinations across the network. The no. 12 tram offers a comfortable, fast, and inexpensive service through the Glatt valley area. One ticket for Zone 121 is all passengers need for the whole of the no. 12 tram route.