Yellowknife Airport Parking

Parking lot A

The short-term parking lot is conveniently located outside the main airport terminal building.

The fares for parking in a designated short term area is:

  • $0 for less than one hour
  • $1 for each hour or portion of an hour after the first hour the car is parked, to a maximum of $15 for 24 hours
  • $15 for every 24 hours to a maximum of $75 for a week
  • $75 for each week to a maximum of $225 for a month.
  • Users receive a ticket when entering the lot and can pay before leaving the lot, inside the terminal building, or at the parking lot exit. When paying inside the terminal, the machine accepts VISA, cash, and Mastercard. In case of paying at the parking lot exit, the machine accepts only Mastercard and VISA.

    Parking lot B

    The long-term parking lot can be found on Bristol Avenue, directly across the street from Air Tindi and Braden Burry Expediting.

    The cost of parking a car in the long term lot is $7.50 for every 24 hours to a maximum of $150 for each month.

    Payment can be made at the lot exit. The machine accepts both Visa and Mastercard.

    Street-side parking C

    Street-side parking areas are accessible along Bristol Avenue.

    The fee for parking in the street-side areas is possible for $5 per day.

    Payments can only be paid using the complimentary Pay By Phone app.