Yellowknife Airport Arrivals


The Canada Border Services Agency represents a federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for immigration enforcement, border control (i.e., protection and surveillance), and customs services in the country.

Canada Border Services Agency is working at YZF to manage, control, and secure Canada’s borders. Agents are operating to make sure that all passengers who enter the country are eligible and comply with the regulations and laws in Canada.

The agency is detaining people who may pose a possible threat and removes travelers who are deemed inadmissible to Canada.

CBSA is also in charge of inspecting the goods and products that arrive at the country’s borders to ensure that nothing illegal is entering the country.

The representatives are also ensuring that all applicable taxes and duties on the merchandise are collected.

Baggage Carousel

When passengers enter the terminal building, which also represents the main airport building, they can find everything very close.

There are two baggage carousels, where the most used one is located directly left when walking in off the tarmac.

Most flights from southern destinations use the main carousel, which is very easy to spot. The carousel has a giant polar bear chasing a seal in the middle of it. This polar bear is one of the most photographed features of Yellowknife.

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