Lester B. Pearson International Airport Arrivals

Custom and Border Protection at YYZ

As the airport has an international title, each passenger knows that the airport can handle international passengers as well. Global entry operates there at the airport, and this system is acknowledged as one of the most convenient ways to travel around the world. The badge helps passengers to move around without any rows and finish security procedures efficiently, as well as quickly. Passengers will be able to use automatic kiosks that are placed in the terminal and move around the world.

Global Entry at YYZ

Concerning worldwide entry, it is a badge that is not owned by many passengers in the world; some of them do not know about the system; some of them think it is hard to achieve. In practice, it can be resolved quickly, and they have to show their real ID, which will be tested thoroughly by a particular machine that proves or denies its validity. After this, passengers can move around if their ID is approved. Even though it happens rarely, if there is an emergency or some problem at the airport, each passenger must answer questions with honesty and get candid with agents.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points at YYZ

The baggage claim area is placed in both terminals, and passengers can see this very quickly. As for the regulations, even though most of the passengers think that airports are the same, and the same rules apply everywhere, in reality, it is not like that as this airport can deny one time, which can be approved in another one, and vice versa. The weight of the luggage must be considered as well. If passengers do not exceed the limit, they will not be charged with extra fees.

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