St. John’s International Airport Airport Services

YYT believes an airport is so much more than a place where passengers rush in and dash out. It’s an integral part of the YYT mission to deliver an outstanding airport experience to passengers.

The facility added the following to make travelers’ stay pleasant.

  • Complimentary wireless Internet zones are available at the locations where commuters can sip a coffee and surf the net.
  • Free charge stations for electronics are conveniently located in the departures lounge.
  • Two CIBC bank machines are available for passengers’ use in the Terminal Building. One can be accessed on the first floor in the atrium area (between the escalator and the Relay store), and the other can be found in the Departures Lounge (across from Gate 9)

Visitor Information Centre

A Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is conveniently placed in the arrivals area of the Terminal Building to assist passengers with finding accommodations, attractions, tours, and festivals for the province’s tourism areas. VIC representatives can also recommend the latest iceberg and whale sightings.

The VIC is performed in partnership with St. John’s International Airport Authority, the City of St. John’s, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Business, Tourism, Culture, and Rural Development.

Passengers can call in advance of their arrival for help in vacation planning or drop by to ask questions or pick-up information.

Traveling with Kids

The airport also offers places for kids’ entertainment.

Children’s play areas are conveniently located in several areas around the terminal, including outside the food court on the main level of the building and the departures lounge. Both locations are equipped with TVs that broadcast children’s programming. Commuters should note that the Airport Authority does not supervise play areas.

Children’s change tables are conveniently available in various washrooms throughout the terminal of the airport for the comfort and ease of parents.

Quiet Room

The “Quiet Room” can be found on the third floor of St. John’s International Airport terminal, which is available for commuters, employees, and greeters of the airport community.

Chaplaincy service is accessible for individuals upon request.