Victoria International Airport Parking


The short-Term parking lot is available right in front of the terminal. Flat Fee of a maximum of two hours at the lot costs $1.00.


For passengers who are interested in parking their vehicles for several days, parking a car in the long term lot represents the best option. Commuters are welcome to keep their vehicle in the daily/long-term area, which costs $16.00 per day maximum for each of the first five days. Each additional day of parking in the lot is available at a price of $8.00. However, the area is located a little further than the short-term area. Passengers should remember that paying is possible on exit cash/credit, and the lot should be used for stays longer than two hours.

Charging Locations

Six dedicated Level 2 charging locations are available in the long term parking lot and two of them in the short term lot. The use of the stations is included in the parking cost with no additional fees charged for electricity.