Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport Transfers


Ride Cabs represents Skyxe’s licensed on-demand taxi service provider for journeys from the air terminal building. Taxis can be found conveniently available along the terminal curbside or pre-arranged by contacting Riide at 306-652-2222 or emailing the Curbside Operations Group of the company at [email protected].

Effective January 17, 2019,Skyxe Saskatoon Airport launched a Taxi Zone Fare – Flat Rate Map. Zone prices are designated to offer airport commuters reliable and guaranteed flat rates for taxi trips. The agency provides certainty for passengers by letting them know how much their taxi fare will cost in advance. The company also makes sure to eliminate any perception that taxi drivers take a less efficient route to the destination to increase fees. This program is also consistent with other international airports across the country. Since its launch, the agency has been tracking the public feedback aiming to amend the information as necessary after the annual review. After utilizing the feedback from the community and working with the licensed service providers to amend the flat price zones and fares. All customers who use a licensed taxi when leaving the airport can either default to the meter rate or to pick the updated taxi zone fare map rate. Both prices include the $2 airport trip fee. For continuous improvement of the program, the agency encourages public feedback. Feedback can be sent to [email protected].

Other taxi providers are also ready to provide trips for Skyxe guests from Skyxe on a pre-arranged basis or when the customer calls for service upon arrival. Taxi drop off’s on the curbside can be accessed for all taxi service providers.

All commercial cars under license with the Saskatoon International Airport are subject to a drop-off or pick-up fee, which is included in the rate.