Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport Terminals

The area before the security checkpoint in the airport is available to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For airline check-in hours, commuters are recommended to visit the airline that they are traveling with via their website or their customer service line.

In 2009, Skyxe declared new expansion plans for the terminal. The project included nine bridgeable gates and a dining court, including a full-service bar and restaurant that can be accessed after the security checkpoint. The development plan included the establishment of retail, and a duty-free outlet, as well as another food court before the security area. The latest design relocated security to provide more room for retail but also intended to double the size of the security area. A new Canadian Customs, as well as the Immigration area, was set in, as well as two more luggage carousels. The designers also left additional space for an American Pre-Customs and Immigration area, so in the future, the airport can be upgraded to have the U.S. Pre-Clearance area.

In 2010 construction started on remote stands, apron improvements, and preparatory work to begin on the reconstruction of the building in 2011. The expansion was aimed to accommodate expanded passenger waiting areas, a business/first class lounge, eight bridges, and an enlarged baggage claim area.

The facility contains a small historical display on the main floor of the terminal. Numerous art/photography displays by local artists are also available around the terminal. A full restaurant, a Starbucks, and a Tim Hortons are all conveniently accessible in the post-security area, as well as a Relay shop near the entrances.

Passenger and Luggage Movement at the facility allows:

  • 34 check-in positions
  • Three aircraft ground loading positions
  • Eight aircraft loading bridges upon construction completion
  • Three domestic and two international modern baggage conveyors
  • An indoor luggage unloading bay
  • Facilities and bridges can accommodate aircraft up to Boeing 747
  • Customs / Immigration facilities can process up to 200 passengers (300 with staged deplaning).
  • Dedicated luggage conveyor for international arrivals
  • Service available 24/7