Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport Parking

StandardXE (Long-Term)

With the convenience of being available close and the amenities of temperature controlled plug-ins, the Skyxe StandardXE parking lot represents a perfect option for travelers who are interested in leaving their vehicle while away. The time for electrical plug-ins is cycled and depends on temperature.

StandardXE Parking Rates

StandardXE Parking prices depend on the duration of use:

$2.50 - Every 30 minutes, or portion thereof

Daily Maximum costs $16.00

$112.00 - Weekly Maximum Charge (any seven following days)

Formerly known as P1, StandardXE can be found directly in front of the main terminal building.

ExpressXE (Short-Term)

ExpressXE is the short-term parking option available at the airport and is ideal for the meeters and greeters or to make life a bit more convenient for those passengers who have a whirlwind day and only require parking for one day.

ExpressXE Parking Rates

ExpressXE Parking rates depend on the period of use:

$2.50 - Every 30 minutes

$22.00 - Daily Maximum

$154.00 - Weekly Maximum Charge

ExpressXE can be accessed directly in front of the main terminal building beside the public curb. Commuters can follow airport signage to reach their separate entrance.

Cell Phone Pick-up Lot

Having a complimentary pick up from the airport represents one of the most convenient benefits when traveling. For helping to make the personal chauffeur comfortable, the airport offers a complimentary cell phone ‘Park and Wait’ lot available on the right-hand side of the road as passengers approach the facility on Airport Drive. Because of space restrictions at the pick-up curb, YXE kindly asks drivers to wait with their vehicles until their passenger has claimed their luggage and called for a ride. Travelers can then be picked up at the designated area curbside located at the arrivals area of the terminal.