Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Duty free

Passengers are welcome to treat themselves to the latest designer cosmetics and fragrances, liqueurs, wines, spirits, sweet treats, souvenirs, gifts, and local favorites at The Loop – all tax-free and for less than downtown.

The Loop Duty-Free is conveniently located at gate 3 for the U.S. destinations and at is available gate 5 for all other International destinations.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has been offering services for chocolate consumers in Canada since 1988. The location post-security in Winnipeg International Airport includes a large selection of confectionery items, chocolates, and frozen products. The store design incorporates a kettle and stove, enabling the facility to produce products right in the shop. Rocky Mountain wishes to provide customers more than just excellent service and great chocolate, and we are determined to entertain you as well.

The Paradise Shop

The Paradise Shops is excited to provide passengers with an extended range of gift services and news, including a wide assortment of merchandise from magazines and books to electronics, luggage, personal accessories, apparel, sundries, snacks, souvenirs, and beverages.

At Prairie News, visitors can find a curated collection of electronic goods, drugstore needs, snacks, and more convenience inside. The facility is available at Gate 9.