Rouyn Noranda Airport Departures

CATSA security

Passengers at Rouyn Airport are subject to CATSA security, which has provided special security procedures. Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is responsible for travelers' safety at Rouyn Noranda airport, and passengers are strictly required to follow the rules.

Airlines recommended passengers to arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight, which will help you to ensure you have plenty of time for check-in, drop off our bags, and go through the security screening.

Online check-in is available at Rouyn Airport, or passengers do instant check at YUY airport Airlines counter, The kiosk machines are also available at Rouyn-Noranda Airport.

Legal identification

All passengers traveling both domestic or internationally are required to provide valid identification at the Rouyn-Noranda Airport.

Travelers at YUY airport are required to provide a valid national ID card or passport during the domestic security check. All domestic travelers can do express security checks straight to the boarding area at Rouyn-Noranda Airport. Passengers are not allowed to carry restricted items at YUY airport.

All international travelers must provide a valid passport and valid Visa permit at Rouyn-Noranda Airport checkpoints. The immigration and customs take 45 to 60 minutes, the day time is less crowded and midnight and early morning are busiest.

Security screening

Security screening is a part of the CATSA security procedures provided at Rouyn-Noranda Airport. During the security procedure, passengers are required to remove belts, shoes, jackets, and place them in the bin. Other items, especially with metal details, including keys or coins, are also unpacked and put into the plastic conveyor. Laptops or other electronic devices must be placed in the plastic bin separately. CATSA security recommends travelers to put liquid gels and aerosols in clear plastic bags. Those items also must be unpacked and placed in the plastic conveyor with the other things. Passengers are required to walk through the metal detector while their items are scanned separately.

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