Rouyn Noranda Airport Arrivals

Security procedures

Security procedures for arrivals at Rouyn-Noranda are almost the same as for departures. Passengers are subject to CATSA security. They have to accept all the CATSA officer requirements. Security wait times vary, it may take a long time, depending on the weather or flight delay. The same security rules apply if you are connecting domestically or internationally.

Passengers are required to go through the security screening, and they are asked to remove personal items, including shoes, belts, laptops, jackets, and place them into the plastic bin. Passengers are required to go through the body scanner while their electronic devices or checked baggage are scanned separately.

Border control

After arriving at Rouyn-Noranda Airport, passengers sometimes are asked to go through additional screening with CBSA officers and provide customs declarations and determine their reason for stay and immigration status. Passengers are required to carry Visa and passport when crossing the border. Travelers also have to answer CBSA agent's questions honestly. After security procedures, passengers can go to the baggage claim area at Rouyn -Noranda Airport to claim their baggage.

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