Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport Departures

Security Procedures and Measures at YUL

As the country is one of the eight airports in Canada, which has United States Border Preclearance, the security procedures are demanded by them very strictly not to miss any little details. As there were some accidents in the airport, when passengers tried to do some illegal things, the governing body of the airport attempts to implement modern technologies, as well as the latest developments, the newest trends to stay competitive in the market. After the system was implemented, the passengers became sure that they would be able to travel safely, and their number grew up from five continents. The authorities know that if they do not provide the best possible service, passengers will use the other airport, which will be harmful to the business activity of the airport and they must avoid this. Passengers demand high quality at low prices, and they refuse to pay additional fees, so it is hard for the governing body of the airport to find a balance. However, the statistics show that this airport does an adequate job.

Requirements from the airport

As passengers want the best possible customer service, they must consider that they have to do their part correctly as well, they must fulfill their duties as a passenger not to have additional problems at the airport. If passengers do not do this, there will be chaos in the airport, and agents will fail to maintain a peaceful environment at the airport. Passengers have to read their responsibilities to be ready in advance to know how the agents will check them. If they do this, agents will not need additional time to answer their questions, to tell them how to act in the airport. They will use a metal detector body scanner, which is made for this purpose, it can notice tiny details, and after this, the governing body of the airport will be sure that the possibility of the problems will be decreased.

Security Screening at YUL

Security Screening will be done by the agents who are well-prepared, they know how to check bags, packages, equipment as well, they have regular training sessions to catch up with the newest trends, and to stay competitive in the region. They know how to solve problems, as they are developed enough. They will use an X-ray, which will check the passenger as well as their equipment, and this machine will not miss any details and then approve the validity of them or deny.

Security Assistance at YUL

The airport provides security Assistance, it was mainly created for the passengers who have limited capabilities, and they need to be guided by the agents who know how to assist appropriately. Those types of passengers will find it challenging to move around, especially abroad from their countries, but they can demand the service and avoid any problems. The booking of the service is essential; however, not only this type of passenger can request this service, passengers whose medical conditions need to be continuously checked can be provided by this service as well. The airport is not little, and it might be hard to find rental agencies, parking spots, taxis, bus stops, or other useful destinations, but agents will be there to help them.

YUL Security Checkpoints and Departure Time

A passenger is recommended to be there 2 hours before their enplanement. They will be able to finish security procedures efficiently, as well as without any delay. If a passenger wants to be there early, they can do this as well, these security checkpoints work two hours before, but passengers must consider that agents will not be available after 45 minutes. Regarding the time which will be demanded by these security checkpoints, it is hard to predict, as it depends on the airport construction, staffing, the number of passengers, and many more.

Flying with Real-ID

A passenger must consider that each passenger has to show a real ID to be able to finish security checkpoints and then use the service from the airport.

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