Timmins/Victor M. Power Airport Parking

Parking at the Timmins/Victor M. Power Airport is fully automated. Commuters are welcome to pick up their parking ticket when they enter the parking lot. Whenever passengers are ready to leave the facility, they are introduced to two payment options.

The first option provides passengers with an opportunity of paying by cash, debit, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express). The payment procedure can be done at the Pay on Foot station available in the Arrivals area of the terminal building or pay by credit card on their way out of the lot. However, travelers are advised to remember that cash and debit cards are not accepted at exit gates.

Picking up passengers

When picking up passengers at MasterCard, drivers can proceed to the arrivals doors that are located at the north end of the building. However, commuters are recommended to consider that leaving a vehicle unattended is prohibited in the area. In case drivers prefer to enter the terminal building, they should park their vehicles in the lot. The airport offers the convenience of one-hour complimentary parking in the lot.

Dropping off Passengers

Departing passengers can be dropped off at the curbside at the “Kiss ‘n Fly” area available by the Departures doors, which can be found at the south end of the terminal. However, passengers should note that this area is dedicated for drop off only. Drivers are asked not to leave their vehicles unattended. It represents a fire route, and cars are tagged and towed. Commuters can use the parking lot if they are escorting a passenger into the terminal.

Passengers are welcome to leave their cars in the parking area for one hour for free.

Parking Rates

Parking rates at Timmins/Victor M. Power Airport are indicated below;

  • Free: 1 Hour or less
  • $2.50 each additional hour
  • $10.00 a day
  • $50 for one week