Sudbury Airport Departures

CATSA security

Every passenger traveling through Sudbury airport is subject to CATSA Security.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is responsible for the traveler's safety at YSB Airport, and the organization has its specific security measures and procedures provided at Sudbury Airport.

Those procedures are followed by the major domestic or international airports of Canada, and passengers are strictly required to follow the rules.

CATSA security recommends travelers to arrive at the airport at least an hour before their departure, for international flights, travelers are required to get to the YSB airport checkpoint 90 minutes earlier before their scheduled departure, to have enough time for the CATSA security procedures.

Legal Identification

Every passenger traveling through Sudbury airport is required to provide valid identification documents at the airport checkpoint. Travelers can contact their airlines and find out more about their current traveling documentations. Remember that you will need proof of citizenship when traveling internationally or to the United States. Passengers traveling outside of Canada are required to carry a valid passport for identification. A driver's license is not sufficient. Every passenger is required to provide a valid photo identification document at the YSB airport checkpoint. Children who are traveling without parents, they will need to provide notarized documentation.

Security screening

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority provides a security screening at Sudbury Airport. The procedure is intended to remove hazardous objects from the Sudbury airport area.

Passengers are asked to remove shoes, belts, jackets and place them in the bin for the screening. CATSA recommends that liquids, aerosols, and gels must be put in clear plastic bags; during the security screening, they must be put into the plastic conveyor. Unlocked computers also must be placed in the separate plastic bin that helps CATSA security officers to X-ray the image more clearly. A part of the security screening is to pass through a metal detector, and if you follow the rules, the process will be very efficient and quick for you.

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