Sudbury Airport Arrivals

Security procedures

Security procedures for arrivals at Sudbury Airport are almost the same as for departures. Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has its particular requirements for arrivals at YSB airport. Travelers for both domestic or international flights are required to go through security screening, remove belts, especially with metal details, hoes, jackets at placing them in the plastic bin for the testing. Also, passengers are asked by CATSA security to put other metal items, including keys, jewelry, and place them in the plastic conveyor. Travelers have to remove electronics larger than cell phones and put them in the plastic bin separately. While items are being scanned, passengers walk through the metal detector.

Border protection

Passengers for international flights are sometimes required to go through additional screening, with the CBSA officers. Canada Border Protection Agency services (CBSA) are provided at Sudbury airport. International passengers are presented to CBSA agents to determine their legal status. Travelers are required to provide valid identification at the Sudbury Airport.

If you are traveling internationally or to the U.S., you have to prove your citizenship.

Passengers who are traveling outside Canada have to carry a valid passport at YSB airport checkpoints. However, every passenger is required to have a valid photo identification document and provide it at the Sudbury airport checkpoint.

After CATSA security procedures and clearance, CBSA officers invite travelers to the baggage claim area, to claim their baggage.

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