Sudbury Airport Airport Services

Services and facilities

Sudbury Airport provides facilities and different facilities to make traveling comfortable for passengers. Provided services include an information booth, located at the SYB airport terminal, in the arrivals area. YSB airport has delivered friendly commissionaires, and they would be pleased to assist travelers, and direct to the airport services may require.

Sudbury airport provides free charging stations, inside the terminal building. Baggage carts are free, passengers can find them at various locations throughout the YSB terminal. Items that are found inside or outside the Sudbury airport terminal Or items found in the parking areas of the terminal are turned into the information booth, located inside the YSB airport terminal, at the arrivals area. Travelers can claim their items during the Informations booth's operating hours. For more information about lost items at YSB airport, please call at 1-705-693-3828.

All the animals are welcomed at the Sudbury airport terminal, and pet relief areas are located outside the terminal building. Sudbury airport terminal hasClear Sky Bistro on the second floor of the terminal building, it provides a great view of the YSB airport runways. The restaurant offers a comfortable environment, bar-style seating, and dining tables. Sudbury airport provides a free WIFI connection throughout the YSB airport terminal building.