Comox Valley Airport Parking

Paved Lot

Paved Parking Lot is available at Comox Valley Airport for an hourly price of $1.25. For leaving a vehicle in a lot for a day, the cost is $12.00.

Weekly parking costs $72.00, and a monthly pass is available at $276.00.

Payment can be made at the yellow kiosk with coins, a credit card, or with the phone using the Pay With Your Phone option.

Gravel Lot

Gravel Lot can be reached in Zone 372A. The prices for parking a vehicle for different periods are indicated below:

Daily - $9.00

Weekly - $54.00

Monthly - $207.00

Cash, as well as change machines, are located at the end of the departures area of the terminal.

The airport team will gladly assist passengers with the operation of the parking machines.