Comox Valley Airport Departures

When to arrive

Each airline at the airport has recommended check-in times. YQQ asks all travelers to familiarize themselves with the necessary policies for avoiding the disappointment of being turned away from a flight.

There are several reasons why these policies exist, even at a smaller Vancouver Island airport like Complex Valley Airport. For instance, when a customer checks in late, it is not just a matter of the travelers themselves, making it through the security checkpoint and onto the plane. The baggage must also be screened and loaded onto the aircraft, which can require some time and cause further delay. Waiting for even one passenger can sometimes lead to the loss of a landing slot at the destination facility. Whether passengers are flying from Vancouver Island to a vacation destination or the Lower Mainland, early check-in ensures they won’t be disappointed with a missed flight. Different airlines have different recommended check-in times and can be found below:

Air Canada

Recommended check-in time - 90 minutes before departure time

Check-in deadline - 45 minutes before scheduled departure

Pacific Coastal Airlines

Recommended check-in time - one hour before scheduled departure

Check-in deadline - 40 minutes before scheduled departure


Recommended check-in time - 60 - 90 minutes before scheduled departure

Domestic check-in deadline - 45 minutes before departure time

Transborder check-in deadline 60 minutes before scheduled departure

International check-in deadline 60 minutes before scheduled departure


The Comox Valley Airport Commission is dedicated to providing a multi-layered risk-based security program that efficiently serves its tenants, its customers, and its employees.

As a tenant of 19 Wing Comox, the Comox Valley Airport is a crucial security partner of the Royal Canadian Air Force and must also make sure that it protects the assets of the Department of National Defence.

The CEO and management team shares the idea that effective security is essential to the operation of the YQQ for its safety and success. The department is responsible for the execution of the Airport Security Program and responsible for the security performance of the facility.

A robust security system needs the support and participation of the entire airport community, and therefore Comox Valley Airport Commission is committed to achieving this goal. Airport management makes sure that all staff is equipped with the required tools to attain this aim. These include a simple reporting process, comprehensive training, and actively fostering a continuous improvement culture.

The changing nature of security and safety threats necessitates a proactive approach that performs appropriate changes to maximize security performance at the airport. The Comox Valley Airport is committed to staying ahead of all threats by regularly implementing advances and improvements gained through annual exercises, regular audits, as well as the external intelligence.


For those who require assistance with luggage or mobility aids from the curbside zone to the check-in desk, an airport (CVAC) staff representatives are happy to help. Passengers are welcome to contact any member of the CVAC staff on-site or call 250-218-3583, and a staff agent will be immediately dispatched to assist.

At the check-in counter, an air carrier officer can provide wheelchair service, or an escort through a security checkpoint to the departure gate and onto the aircraft. Commuters are recommended to advance notice to the air carrier when making the flight reservations.

An Escort Pass for someone who is not traveling, but required to assist a person with disabilities in reaching the boarding gate is available from the Air Carrier at check-in, provided the escort has valid photo identification. The escort will be subject to the same security screening terms and requirements as the passenger.

Pet Policy

If commuters are planning to travel with their pet, they are welcome to contact the relevant airline before making a reservation. Policies and regulations regarding pets vary widely, so passengers need to make the appropriate arrangements for their furry friends.

Travelers should be aware that all pets at YQQ must be carried in a closed carrier while inside the terminal building. The only exception to this policy applies to service and train dogs or other specially trained pets assisting commuters with disabilities. Due to public health concerns, pets are not permitted in the café area of the terminal building.

If customers wish to take their pet out of the carrier before boarding a flight, the facility includes a designated area conveniently available outside the building for animals to get some playtime and fresh air in before the trip. This area is located before the security checkpoint, so passengers should remember to allocate plenty of time before their trip for outside time.

If commuters are flying into the Comox Valley Airport with a pet riding in the luggage area of the aircraft, their reunion will be at the baggage claim in the Arrivals area. If a pet is flying unaccompanied, it is possible to pick it up at Cargo Services near the Departures part of the terminal. Travelers should contact their airline to receive more information about traveling with or shipping their pets.

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