Comox Valley Airport Airport Services

Relieving Areas for Service Animals

The designated animal relieving area is available on the lawns adjacent to both sides of the terminal. Receptacles and waste bags are located on the curb, adjacent to the lawn.

After the Security checkpoint, there is a designated animal relieving area located airside. For receiving assistance, commuters should contact a CVAC representative or call 250-218-3583, and a staff member will provide mobility assistance and an escort to access the site. Re-screening (through security) is not required if this protocol is followed.


The Comox Valley Airport is pleased to provide an excellent selection of local art to enhance the traveler experience in the terminal.

The airport is proud to facilitate this small but mighty sample of the many visual expressions and art styles that can be found among the hundreds of artists in the North and Central Vancouver Island region.

Comox Valley Airport and Comox Valley Arts share a strong collaborative bond through the art program (for almost twenty years now). Welcoming and seeing off passengers among this creative energy has helped firmly establish a sense of beauty in place.

All of the pieces are available for purchase by contacting the artist directly.

Lost and Found

If commuters have lost an item at the Comox Airport, they should contact the Administration Office at the number 250-890-0829 ext. 252 or email Leslie Paul and leave a message with information of:

  • Description of the lost item
  • The date that the item was lost
  • The name and contact information.

The facility staff makes every attempt to locate the lost item. If found, and ownership verified, the item will be available to be picked up in person. After three months, unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity.

Items left on board the aircraft are under the care of the air carrier, passengers should contact their airline directly to locate the item.