Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport Transfers

Whether someone is taking a ride from YQB to downtown Québec City or straight to the hotel, they can count on Uber to get them to the desired destination.

The pickup location at the airport can be found at the local flight arrivals hall under the footbridge by Columns 13 – 14.

Commuters can request a ride by using an app whenever they are ready to leave the facility when asking car passengers are recommended to consider their group size as well as the baggage requirements.

In case customers can not find the driver, they can use an app to contact them.

The cost of an Uber trip to (or from) YQB is not fixed since it significantly depends on factors that include the type of requested ride, the estimated length as well as the duration of the journey, tolls, and current demand for trips.

To see an estimate of the price before placing a request is possible by entering the pickup spot and destination in Uber’s price estimator above. Then, after requesting a ride, passengers will see their actual price in the app based on real-time factors.

Pickup locations at airports may depend on the type of ride that passengers request as well as the size of the airport. Travelers can follow the instructions in the app about where to meet their driver.