Fort McMurray International Airport Parking

Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) provides commuters with both short-term and long-term parking. Lots are fully lit, equipped with accessible parking, and patrolled by security.


Fort McMurray International Airport offers 430 short-term parking stalls conveniently located in the lot closest to the terminal building. There is no specific time limit for short-term parking. The charges for parking are higher due to the added benefit of being closer to the terminal.

The first 20 minutes of parking at the short-term lot is available for free.

Hourly Maximum, including the first 20 minutes, costs $2.00. $3.00 charge is added for each additional hour.

A daily maximum of parking in the short-term lot is available at the price of $25.00

For getting an annual pass, customers should pre-purchase the option available at the cost of $2,500.00.


Long-term lot provides more than 1400 stalls for drivers to park for several hours, a few days, or for even a week or more.

The first 20 minutes of parking is complimentary, with an hourly maximum available for $1.50.

A daily maximum of a long-term lot costs $17.00.

Weekly maximum costs $100.00

Paying for parking

Commuters should remember that exit pay stations only accept credit card payments. Pay stations that are located inside the airport terminal on the first level, near the entrance, accept both cash transactions and credit cards.

Customers can pay at the parking payment machines before leaving the terminal. Located on the first level near the entrance and Famoso, these machines accept both cash and credit cards. For the convenience of passengers, an ATM can be found near the elevators at the first level. Once commuters have paid, they should hold on to their ticket and use it at the exit lane to exit the lot. Passengers should remember that they have only 20 minutes from the time of payment to exit the parking lot before additional charges occur. If travelers decide to pay at the parking lot exit, all three lanes accept credit card payment.