Waterloo Airport Parking

Airport parking and rates

Waterloo Airport operated a gated airport parking system. YKF airport parking is available at two areas located steps from the Waterloo airport terminal building.

Parking at YKF for the first 90 minutes is free. $4.50 per hour, $9.00 per day 24 hours period.

$63.00 per week for 24 hours.

The lost ticket fee is $100.00.

YKF airport has two pay stations, and one is located inside the terminal building and another alongside the main walkway. Pay for Waterloo airport parking before returning to your car at airport parking spaces. Travelers can pay by Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or Cash.

Waterloo airport provides accessible parking spaces located to the left of the YKF air terminal building. If you want to reach the YKF airport available parking area, you must travel through the main parking entrance.