Waterloo Airport Arrivals

Security procedures

Security procedures for arrivals at YKF airport are almost the same as for departures. Entrants at Waterloo Airport are subject to CATSA security. The security corporation has provided its security procedures to ensure passengers' safety, and help travelers to get to their destination safely. CATSA security provides security screening procedures for arrivals. Just like departures, visitors at YKF airport are required to go through the security screening. Passengers are asked by CATSA officers to remove shoes, belts, jackets, and place them in the plastic bin. Travelers also have to remove electronic devices larger than cell phones, including laptops and put them in the plastic conveyor for the X-ray screening.

Border protection

Arrivals in Canada are sometimes asked to go through additional screening with CBSA border protection agents. Travelers are presented to Customs and Border Protection agents at YKF airport to answer their questions truthfully. Passengers are required to provide documentation for identification at the YKF airport checkpoint. All international travelers are required to carry an acceptable ID and valid visa when entering Canada. Passport is also the most universally acceptable identification for international travelers.

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