Kamloops Airport Departures

CATSA security

Passengers traveling through Kamloops Airport are subject to numerous security procedures. Canadian Air Transport Authority provides security procedures at Kamloops Airport. CATSA security has its special security measures and rules, and every passenger is required to review the terms and follow the rules.

CATSA security recommends travelers to arrive at the airport 90 minutes before their flight, to have adequate time for check-in and security.

Airlines provide full-service check-in at the YKA airport.

Security screening

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority at Kamloops Airport operates security screening.

Wait times for queues at security screening are calculated when you enter the beginning of the line, through the scanning of boarding passes. During the security, screening passengers are asked to remove personal items and place them in the bin. Passengers are required to place coins, keys, and small metal items in their carry-on. You can also put your cell phone in your carry-on if it isn't used as a boarding pass.

Place liquids, aerosols, and gels in clear plastic bags unpack your laptop computer and place it in the bin too.

Passengers are asked to remove outwears, winter coats, belts, shoes and put them in the tray for the X-ray screening, please pack your bin neatly to help the officer see the X-ray image more clearly.

Knives and other sharp objects are permitted in passenger's checked carry-on. Other prohibited items include specific weapons that are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada. If an unlawful topic will be found at a security checkpoint, the CATSA is required to notify the airport police.

Legal identification

All passengers traveling domestic or international flights are required to provide valid identification forms at the YKA airport. For domestic flights, a driver's license or ID card might be enough, but passengers of international flights are required to carry a valid passport at YKA airport checkpoint.

Passengers at Kamloops Airport are required to carry a valid Canadian passport for all visits abroad, including visits to the US. A visa is required by your airline or transportation authority because it is the only acceptable documentation that proves that you have a right to return to Canada.

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