Kamloops Airport Arrivals

Security procedures

Arrivals at Kamloops Airport are subject to CATSA security. Just like departures, arrivals at YKA airport have to accept all the CATSA officer’s requirements and follow the rules provided by the Canadian Air transport Authority.

Security wait times at YKA airport are approximate; it can be dependent on the weather of flight delay. Please make sure you have enough time if you have a connecting flight.

Arrivals at Kamloops airport are required to go through the security screening, and they are asked to remove personal items such as jackets, belts, shoes and place them into the plastic conveyor for the X-ray screening. Travelers are also invited to remove electronics from their carry-on and put them in the bin, and those items are scanned separately. At the same time, passengers walk through the metal body scanner.

Customs and Border protection

Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) border security and clearance service is provided for incoming international flights at Kamloops Airport. Sometimes passengers are required to go through additional security screening with Customs and border protection agents.

Passengers are presented to CBP agents and have to answer their questions honestly to determine their legal status.

There are several necessary documents, including Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, Registration of Birth Abroad certificate, Certificate of retention, and Certificate of Naturalization.

All international travelers must carry acceptable identification and a valid visa when entering Canada. Passport is also a recommended form of identification because it is the most universally-accepted identification document for the international flight.

After clearance and security procedures, passengers can claim their baggage and head for the meeting points.

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