Halifax / Stanfield International Airport Transportation

As for the transportation means, which are crucial for every airport, passengers will be able to find many types of them, and they can choose them according to their preferences, budget, as well as style.

Bus Services at YHZ

Matrox route 320 travels between the city center and the airport, it is an express bus service, and they have intermediate stops as well, one of them is at the Dartmouth Bridge Terminal, as well as the suburb of Fall River. The operator of this route is Halifax Transit, which was formerly Metro Transit, and the bus runs all day on both weekends and weekdays.

Taxi Service at YHZ

First Class Taxi and Limousine operates there, and their phone number is +1 902 579 8294, as for Halifax airport taxi, it has the highest rate among companies, and their telephone number is +1 902 225 8882.