Williston Basin International Airport Departures

TSA security

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a federal agency provided at Williston Basin international airport, which is responsible for securing United States transportation systems. The TSA security at Williston Basin international airport commands the safety and security of everyone working or traveling through the Williston airport.

TSA security has special security measures and provides several security procedures at XWA airport. Passengers have to accept all the requirements and follow the rules.

TSA administration recommends travelers to arrive at the airport before their flights. Passengers of domestic flights are required to arrive at the airport two hours before their trip, and passengers of international flights are three hours before their scheduled departure flight to have enough time for several security procedures provided by TSA security.

Screening procedure

TSA security at XWA international airport provides security screening procedures, intended to remove dangerous items from the airport area and the board.

Passengers traveling through Williston Basin international airport are required to go through the security screening, during the process travelers are asked to remove their personal belongings, such as shoes, belts, jackets, electronic devices. Passengers also are asked to remove hazardous materials such as gels, aerosols, sharp items from their carry-on and place them into the bin for the X-ray. Medication in your baggage must be clearly labeled.

The TSA security screening opens 90 minutes before scheduled departure flights.

So, be sure that you have sufficient time, and get to the airport early for those security procedures.

TSA security provides a unique TSA Precheck program for travelers at XWA international airport. If you are a TSA Precheck applicant, you can receive the benefit no longer removing personal items such as shoes, jackets, belts, laptops, and a 3-1-1 compliant bag from your carry-on. It only takes several minutes to fill the application form, and you will have more comfortable and quicker travel experience.

Legal documents

Passengers traveling through Williston Basin international airport are required to present several documentation forms at the security checkpoint for identification. Starting October 1, 2020, passengers are needed to give a Real ID-compliant license/ID, or another acceptable identification form, to board the aircraft. In some states, there is also gold or black star on the drivers' license; if you have one with that, you are already ready to go. Some residents may not have a real ID yet, so it is essential to check your license in advance.

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