Williston Basin International Airport Arrivals

Security procedures

Passengers arriving at Williston Basin international airport are subject to TSA security. Security measures for arrivals are almost the same as departures. Security procedures are responsible for passengers' safety, and travelers also have to accept all the TSA security requirements. Passengers arriving at Williston Basin international airport are asked to go through the security screening, they are required to remove personal items, shoes, belts, and heavy jackets. Unpack personal things such as laptops, electronic devices from their carry-on.

TSA officers are responsible for the items to be scanned separately.

Border protection

After arriving at XWA, international airport passengers are sometimes asked to go through additional screening with the help of Customs and border protection agents. Travelers have to present a passport to determine immigration status and the reason for the stay. Custom and border protection CBP agents may ask you questions, and it's important to answer honestly. After those security procedures, passengers can reach the baggage claim area to claim their baggage and then go to exit or meeting points.

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