Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport Arrivals

Security procedures

Passengers arriving at Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport of all flights domestic or international are subject to TSA security. As mentioned above, departures at VQS are required to accept all the requirements and follow the TSA rules, so do arrivals at Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport.

They have to go through the security screening procedure, arrivals are also asked to remove personal items such as shoes, belts, jackets, and laptops for the X-ray screening, while they walk through the metal detectors.

TSA Cares is a helpline provided at VQS airport that offers passengers with disabilities additional help during the screening procedure. Passengers have to call 72 hours before traveling and get informed about the extra help during the TSA screening process.

Border protection

Passengers arriving at Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport sometimes are required to go through additional screening. Travelers are presented to border protection CBP agents with their passports and answer the agent's questions.

After security procedures, travelers can directly go to the baggage claim area to claim their baggage.

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