Stewart International Airport Transportation


At Stewart International Airport, there are many ground transportation options, including buses. Coach USA offers daily trips between Stewart Airport and New York City. The length of the ride is approximately 90 minutes in both directions. The coach bus serves the airport once a day, arriving at SWF 2:25 PM and departing at 3:45 PM. For more information people can contact Coach USA on telephone number: +1 800 631 8405, or +1 800 561 0734.

Another bus company operating at the airport is Leprechaun Bus. The bus has nine daily trips, and the bus fee starts at 8.50 dollars.


Taking a taxi is another option to get around the city. Taxi companies operating at the airport include Stop the Hate Taxi service( telephone number: +1 845 205 9112), this company offers comfortable rides at low cost. Also, at the airport operate Newburg & Hudson Valley Taxi Service ( telephone number: +1 845 561 0404), Atlantic Taxi ( telephone number: +1 845 905 6710), and many more.

Limousine service

If visitors want to take a fancy ride from or to the airport, several companies are operating at SWF, offering its passengers a limousine service. These companies include All Transportation Network( telephone number: +1 845 565 2306), A Platinum Limousine NY( telephone: +1 914 497 6011), Orange County Limousine Service( telephone number: +1 845 565 2222), and so on.