London Stansted Airport Departures

Security Procedures and Measures at STN

As the United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to the passenger's number, security procedures are an essential part of the airport. As the world develops every day, the newest trends must be implemented by the authorities of this airport to catch up with other airports and stand a competition. They have to provide the best possible service to attract passengers, to avoid problems, and not to fail their business. As attracting the passengers is difficult, because they demand many things, and they want cheap service, but many costs must be balanced. The authorities are implementing new developments, technologies, and trends not to lose passengers and achieve their goals. They invest their money in a safer environment, new modern technologies, as well as training sessions for their agents. However, passengers must be aware as well that they have to do something as well when they are moving around, they have to read rules, obligations, regulations of the airport, and be prepared for security procedures. If they know beforehand how those procedures happen, they will not ask additional questions, and agents will not need to explain many things which are written in those rules. The well-aware passenger will consume less time and can complete security checkpoints less time; it will be beneficial for both sides. Passengers will be checked through a metal detector body scanner, which will allow agents to check passengers thoroughly and not to miss some little details. Equipment will be tested as well, and the machine will know are there any prohibited items or not. The apparatus is made for this circumstance.

X-ray Screening

As the airport is investing its money to develop its agents more, and they to be ready for any kind of situation, each flight has an agent who is responsible for everything to be done in a peaceful case. The implementation of this agent was a brilliant thing to do, as there were some incidents. The authorities analyzed and implemented this system mainly due to those accidents. Agents are trained in advance to be able to handle issues quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Those agents are responsible for checking packages, bags, items through an X-ray screening. An X-ray will deny or approve the validity of these items.

As there are passengers who have limited capabilities and need help while moving around, the airport offers this service. Helpful agents are there to help each passenger with limited abilities to feel comfortable and be ready for everything. However, there might be passengers who have some medical conditions, and if they need help, agents will offer this as well. Agents can be demanded by the passenger who is not able to find a way, it may happen, as this airport is significant, and if they need to find rental agencies, parking, taxis, or hotels, agents will help them. However, each passenger has to book the service in advance and give information to the agents.

STNSecurity Checkpoints and Departure Time

The airport advises that each passenger has to be at the airport 45 minutes before their flight. During this process, passengers will be able to finish security checkpoints. The security checkpoints are opened 2 hours before each enplanement, but they are not accessible after 45 minutes. Passengers must be there on time to complete security checkpoints and avoid problems. As the prediction of the time is not possible to be done by passengers, they have to be prepared for any kind of delay. The time banks on the airport construction, staffing, number of passengers, and many other issues as well.

Flying with Real-ID

Because there were some accidents when passengers tried to use fake-ID to avoid checkpoints, those procedures became stricter, as the governing body of the airport wants to be prepared that this type of circumstances will not happen anymore.

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