Southampton Airport Departures

Dedicated security teams at the airport are ready to help passengers. Traveling through SOU is easy, fast, and friendly. The airport strives to achieve an average security wait time of fewer than 5 minutes while treating passengers politely and ensuring that they have a positive experience.

Undergoing security screening can sometimes be complicated and frustrating. The screening methods may vary slightly at different airports. This difference is intentional since it has been decided that screening methods deployed are most effective when they remain random and unpredictable.

Advanced Screening (Security Scanner)

Department for Transport, Southampton Airport uses the latest technology and applies Millimeter Wave screening to many commuters through the deployment of a Security Scanner (Body Scanner).

The security scanners can identify a wide range of possible threats to safety in a few seconds and is used alongside the airport’s existing security screening systems.

Passengers who undergo this latest technology are experiencing a much faster transition and far less intrusion through the physical screening process.

Security screening

Both passengers and their hand luggage are screened at security control. Their personal belongings, bag, and some clothing items should be placed into a tray and screened by X-ray.

Laptops and large electrical items also have to be removed from the bag and placed in the tray separately from other things.

Keys, coins, mobile phones, and other small items in the coat should be put in the hand baggage.

Commuters must place their hand baggage, belt, and coat into a tray.

For saving time, passengers are recommended to place items required for the flight in their hand baggage.

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