Shannon Airport Departures

Security Procedures and Measures at SNN

Regarding security procedures at the airport, each airport in the world tries to attract passengers, and due to this, the security procedures are strict there, as unpleasant accidents occurred at the airport. The authorities of the airport implement the newest developments, trends, as well as modern technologies to operate correctly and have flights from all over the world. As there are many airports in the Republic of Ireland, to stay competitive in the market is a hard issue to do. The governing body of the airport invests their money to prove the best possible service consumers to be satisfied. Passengers may switch to an alternative airport if they do not feel happy, and this will not be beneficial for the airport. Each passenger has a responsibility to pass the security procedures to travel around. Passengers want low prices, low quality, and they are not willing to pay costs furthermore.

Requirements from the airport

Passengers demand the best customer service from the airport. However, they have to do their duties as well, as if both sides do not fulfill their obligations, there will be chaos, and a peaceful environment will not occur at the airport. Passengers have to read their responsibilities as a traveler to do their part correctly. If passengers do not do this, they will need additional time to finish security procedures, and it will demand a lot of time. Agents will not be in a great situation as well since they will need less time. If passengers do this, agents will not need a lot of time to explain procedures, as they will not have an idea of how they will be checked. Agents will use a metal detector body scanner, which can notice little details, and the possibility of the problems will be low, as everything will be controlled.

Security Screening at SNN

Regarding security screening, it will be completed by the agent who has permanent training, and they can solve the problems efficiently, as well as quickly. The governing body of the airport invests money to develop agents daily for them to catch up with the newest developments. The agents' number was increased by the board, as the situation cannot be controlled without them; a peaceful environment cannot be provided for the passengers. Each agent is ready to avoid incidents like they were in the past, and the governing body does not hesitate to invest money to be sure that a peaceful environment will be provided. The agents know how to check packages, bags, equipment as well not to miss any tiny details, as they are proficient in this field. Agents will use an X-ray, and the machine will check each item to provide the validity of the equipment.

Security Assistance at SNN

Regarding security assistance, it was implemented by the governing body for the passengers who have limited capabilities, as well as disabilities, because they will need some aid during moving abroad, as well as during security checkpoints. Passengers who have some medical conditions who need permanent checking can demand this service as well. Since the passengers will find it challenging to find the way in the airport to see taxis, parking lots, bus stops, rental agencies, agents will help them and assist them.

SNN Security Checkpoints and Departure Time

The airport recommends that each passenger must be there 2 hours before their enplanement to finish security procedures correctly and without any delay. However, if a passenger wants to be there early, it will not be a problem, because those checkpoints begin working two hours earlier. Agents will not be there after 45 minutes, and each passenger must know this. As for the time which will be demanded by these security checkpoints, it cannot be predicted, and it banks on staffing, airport construction, the number of passengers, as well as weather and many more.

Flying with Real-ID

Regulation from the airport is that each passenger has to present a real ID to be able to finish security checkpoints without any problem.

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