San Angelo Regional Airport (Mathis Field) Departures


Transportation Security Administration is accountable for developing methods that are aimed to keep passengers safe by performing security measures that are intended to minimize possible terrorist threats. Principally concerned with air travel, the organization has its representatives at San Angelo Regional Airport, where TSA operators are in charge of monitoring passengers at the security checkpoints. All the passengers are obligated to go through screening as well as other TSA systems that include checking their belongings individually. The TSA method at the SJT facility is similar to those at the majority of airports.

TSA PreCheck

Currently, SJT allows full TSA PreCheck abilities. With this method, travelers with TSA PreCheck will see the method on their boarding pass. PreCheck commuters line up in a separate line, located to the right of the usual one. PreCheck clients are blended into the front of the regular security line. The precheck setting allows customers to leave electronics and liquids in their bags, as well as keep their belts, footwear, and light jackets on. Accordingly, there is no necessity to use a bin. Passengers should place their luggage right on the rollers. Still, passengers should consider that TSAPreCheck travelers are limited to the 3.4 ounces (100 ml) rule, and food may require additional screening.

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