San Angelo Regional Airport (Mathis Field) Airport Services

Passenger Waiting Lounge Area

San Angelo Regional Airport welcomes commuters to enjoy its spacious passenger waiting area, conveniently located inside the terminal building. Power Outlets are also available for visitors to charge their phones, tablets, or laptop while waiting for the arrivals. A flight map that shows inbound and outbound flights also can be found in the passenger waiting area.


An ATM is accessible inside the terminal building near the passengers’ waiting lounge. The airport is not capable of performing currency exchange. Travelers should check with their credit card company regarding ATM charges before using the ATM at the San Angelo Regional Airport.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are available both after and before the Passenger Screening Checkpoint and are open and offer traveler’s favorite soft drink and snack choices! Water fountains also can be found before and after security at no charge.

Traveling with disabilities

For passengers who have a disability, the following information may be useful in making a trip through the SJT airport an easy one:

Parking for disabled travelers is accessible next to the terminal at the east end of the short term lot.

Wheelchair service is offered from curb to aircraft. However, commuters are required to call their airline service provider in advance.

Escorts are available for those who need assistance in getting through the airport (for example, persons with mobility or visual impairments). Companions can be requested from airline agents at the facility. The security screening procedure checks wheelchair users and other passengers with specialized equipment such as hand-held metal detectors. This screening is operated on the side of the security checkpoint to offer enough room for more extensive, specialized equipment. Pedestrian walkways at SJT are designed with contrasting floor surfaces to assist commuters with visual impairments. Aircraft are available through passenger jet bridges when needed. Seating on aircraft can accommodate individual requirements. To access this service, passengers should inform their airline when booking tickets. Travelers with disabilities are afforded travel adjustments by the airlines under the Air Carriers Access Act.

Pet Relief Area

A Pet Relief Area is accessible before the security screening checkpoint on the south side of the short term lot. It offers a wastebasket and waste bags for convenient and straightforward cleanup.


San Angelo Regional Airport recognizes passenger’s need always to stay connected and is including wireless internet services throughout the terminal area for everyone at the facility. Commuters can connect wirelessly while waiting for their ride or flight.