London-Southend Airport Departures

Check-in with ease

The check-in zone is situated at the most distant finish of the terminal structure. All travelers should clear security control before entering the flight relax where you can discover shops, a bar, eatery, bistro, and money trade. Boarding starts 45 minutes before takeoff. Their devoted registration territory has ten work areas to help whisk you to your goal right away.

Getting ready for security

It's the main aim of SEN to care for the wellbeing and security of everybody at London Southend Airport: their travelers, guests, and staff. By making only a couple of fast checks, they would all be able to ensure you break through to takeoffs rapidly, securely, and without any problem. The full restrictions are accessible at limitations. To assist with limiting security screening times, they urge passengers to pack anything not required for the journey into any hand luggage that you will check-in.

Taking fluids through security

There are limitations on fluids, gels, glues, and creams that you can take through security, either close by baggage or in your pockets. These incorporate things like packaged beverages (void containers are allowed), suntan creams, scents, beauty care products, and toiletries. The limitations apply to everybody withdrawing from air terminals in the EU, regardless of where they're traveling.

What restrictions you need to be aware of

Fluids must be in a compartment stamped 100ml or less. Any fluids in a chamber checked bigger than 100ml (regardless of whether full or not) won't be permitted through Security.

All compartments must be conveyed in a single, straightforward, re-sealable plastic pack that holds close to one liter and measures 20cm by 20cm with no profundity.

Every traveler is just permitted to take one fixed fluid pack through Security.

Fluids must be set independently to gear in a security plate on the transport line with the goal that their security group can distinguish them without any problem.

Fluids are any gel, cream, glue, liquid, or treated durable.

Baby food and milk

In case you're going with newborn children, it would be ideal if you convey just what's required for your excursion. Wet disposable clothes and powdered child nourishment are not among the limitations on fluids. You might be solicited to taste up to half from any child milk or infant nourishment in liquid, gel, or glue structure. Your hand gear can contain:

  • Breast milk, recipe milk, dairy animals' milk
  • Disinfected water (must be in an infant bottle)
  • Soya milk for babies
  • Child nourishment


You may, at times, need to take medication through security. Below is what you have to know:

Drugs can't surpass the 100ml most significant fluid substance and must be kept in a straightforward, re-sealable pack. There is no restriction for powder or pills.

If you have to convey more than 100ml of fluid drugs in your grasp gear, you ought to get an endorsement from your aircraft and get a substantial remedy for your name.

Continuously convey your remedy with you or an announcement from a clinical expert.

Screening by a body scanner

SEN Airport currently operates the most recent 'body scanner' hardware. If you choose to be screened by a scanner, there's nothing to stress over. You'll likely think that it is speedier than a general body search. The output takes only seconds and delivers a famous picture with no distinctive highlights – its activity is just to distinguish any hidden things.

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