Rapid City Regional Airport Parking

Republic Parking System operates parking at Rapid City Regional Airport. The airport has two parking lots, located in two different locations and parking charges vary depending on whether it is a long or short term parking lot.

Short-Term Parking Lot

The short-term parking lot is located closest to the airport terminal. The first 30 minutes in this parking lot is free. After 30 minutes, each half-hour costs one dollar. The daily maximum of parking fees is up to 12 dollars. The maximum weekly charge consists of 84 dollars. If the visitor loses the parking ticket, they need to pay 10 dollars as a fee.

Long-Term Parking Lot

In the long term parking lot, the first 30 minutes are also free. Each hour of parking costs 2 dollars, and the daily maximum of the parking fee is 10 dollars. The parking charge for the week is 60 dollars. For the lost parking ticket, visitors are paying 10 dollars.

The telephone number of a local office of the airport parking is +1 605 393 0685.