Rapid City Regional Airport Airport Services

Rapid City Regional Airports offers its visitors many services to make sure they have comfortable flight experience. These services include accessible parking. Both parking lots have accessible parking spaces, and these parking spaces are located near the walkways. There also is an elevator for the people in a wheelchair, one of them is located in the baggage claim area, and the second one is post-security near gate 1.

Family restrooms

The terminal has restrooms, including unisex toilets for the families. The family restroom is located in the baggage claim area and the concourse.

Emergency / Fire

For travelers with cardiac emergencies, RAP provides multiple defibrillators. Emergency staff and firefighters are operating 24 hours a day at the airport.


At Rapid City Regional Airport, visitors can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi.

Airport Eateries

The airport terminal also provides food services. Passengers can dine at the airport restaurants, located before and after security.

Airport Shops

For those people who want to buy locally made gifts, there also is a gift shop, providing clothes, souvenirs, and other items.

Lost and Found

For lost items, travelers can contact the lost and found center of the airport. The telephone number of the center is +1 605 394 4195.