Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport Parking

Parking is accessible in front of the airport building to the east of the terminal. All parking spaces cost $5 per day; this includes ADA spaces and gravel lots. The parking kiosk can be found inside the terminal building, on the right side, past the men’s restroom. The kiosk requires the stall number and the number of days passengers intend to park. If customers do not know or see a stall number, they should stall number 500 and place the receipt on their dash. The kiosk accepts both debit/credit cards and exact cash (the kiosk does not give change back). There are administration charges added to parking if not pre-paid – $5 will be added to the first day, with an additional $5 per week.

Putting the receipt on the dash of the car helps the parking attendants know the fee is paid for parking. If passengers forget to pay for parking before the flight, there will be a Parking Fee Due Envelope on the windshield, with administrative fees added upon the return.