Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport Departures

Check-in options

There are several options for passing check-in procedures at the airport, and commuters are welcome to choose according to their preferences.

Ticket Counter Check-in

When passengers are traveling with a paper ticket or just require some additional assistance with the check-in procedures on the date of departure, the customer service representatives are always ready to assist passengers with an in-person check-in. However, travelers should consider that checked luggage is only accepted within four hours of their scheduled departure.

Online check-in

Passing through the check-in procedures online, allows travelers to skip the check-in line at the airport and just head straight for their gate.

However, it is important to print out a boarding pass one to twenty-four hours before the scheduled departure.

Kiosk check-in

Another option for commuters to check-in is by using the kiosks that are conveniently accessible at all airports within the Alaska Airlines system. Self-service kiosks are located in the terminal’s lobby next to the ticketing/bag drop-off area.


TSA is responsible for developing policies that are aimed to maintain passenger’s safety by implementing security measures that serve to reduce possible terrorist threats. Chiefly involved in the air travel, TSA has its representatives at Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport, where agents are in charge of checking passengers at the security checkpoints. All the commuters must go through screening as well as other TSA procedures that include checking their belongings separately. The security process at the PUW facility is similar to standard TSA methods at the majority of airports around the country.

TSA PreCheck

Currently, PUW offers full TSA PreCheck abilities. Passengers with TSA PreCheck will see TSA PreCheck on their boarding pass. PreCheck travelers line up in a separate line, available to the right of the regular one. PreCheck customers are blended into the front of the regular security line. Travelers are allowed to leave electronics and liquids in their bag, as well as keep their shoes, belts and light jackets on. Therefore there is no requirement of using a bin. Passengers should just place their belongings right on the rollers. However, passengers should consider that TSAPreCheck travelers are limited to the 100-milliliter rule, and food products may require additional screening procedures.

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