Glasgow-Prestwick Airport Parking

Short-stay car park

The air terminal has three vehicle parks with a sum of 5,000 vehicle parking spots. The vehicle parking on offer incorporates three on-location vehicle parks, a short-stay legitimately outside the terminal passageway, and a long-stay associated with the air terminal through a secured bridge. There is also a pickup and drop-off area.

Short-stay parking is perfect for stays of under 24 hours. Costs aren't modest, so, fortunately, you can pre-book the short stay vehicle park to set aside cash. (book at any rate 24hrs ahead of time). The location of the short-stay vehicle parks is at a helpful short strolling good ways from the terminal structure, of just 1 to 2 minutes. Excellent for explorers who need a quicker and progressively beneficial outing.

Disabled explorers will discover more significant incapacitated straights in all the vehicle parks. They can utilize the Pickup and drop off point for nothing for 30 minutes rather than only 10 minutes. You should make sure to take your pass to the vehicle park work area to get it approved else you should pay the ordinary duty.

Short-stay parking rates



Up to 5 minutes


6 to 15 minutes


16 to 30 minutes


31 mins to 60 minutes


1 – 2 hours


2 – 4 hours


4 – 12 hours


12 – 24 hours


Per day after that or part after that


Prestwick Airport Parking – Mid Stay and Long Stay

Mid-stay parking at Prestwick is perfect for travelers parking their vehicles for just a few days. It is conceivable to book mid-stay parking on the day. However, it is fitting to book well the progress of time to guarantee accessibility. Tel: 0870 013 4999. Calls to this number will cost up to 13p every moment in addition to your telephone organization's system get to charge.

Long-stay parking rates


Price at gate

3 Days


4 Days


5 Days


6 Days


7 Days


8 Days


9 Days


10 Days


11 Days


12 Days


13 Days


14 Days


15 Days


16 Days


Per day after that or part thereof