Glasgow-Prestwick Airport Duty free

Duty- Free and Tax-Free

If you are flying outside the European Union, you are qualified for your full remittance of merchandise at Tax and Duty-Free costs. There is a WH Smith in the terminal structure, and obligation and tax-exempt shops after security. If you are flying inside the European Union, you are qualified for Tax-Free costs on scents, beautifying agents, and skincare; photographic and electrical products; design and embellishments; endowments, adornments, and trinkets.

If you bring back enormous amounts of liquor or tobacco, a Customs Officer is bound to approach about the reasons for which you hold the products.

There are a couple of restaurants inside the PIK Airport terminal, which includes Par and Eagle bar and kitchen. They offer a great variety on their menu, with an all-day breakfast and a range of light choices for passengers. There is also Elvis Presley Bar, The Food Village, and McIntyre's Bar.