Glasgow-Prestwick Airport Departures

Prestwick Airport Security Information

Security body scanners are presently standard in UK air terminals, mirroring the Government's present appraisal of the hazard to flight in the UK. All clients and staff at Glasgow Prestwick Airport will go through a security scanner. Security body scanners at UK air terminals use millimeter-wave innovation and are in this manner all right for the entirety of our clients, including youngsters, babies, and pregnant ladies. Scanners at UK air terminals utilize Automatic Threat Recognition programming (ATR). No picture of the client's body is made or put away. All handling is done electronically, with no mediation by a human screener. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to spare, duplicate, or move information.

It implies that you ought to consistently leave yourself a lot of time to get to the air terminal, registration, go through security, and head to your boarding gates. Nobody needs to be the individual being brought desperately over the tannoy to advance toward the entryway.

Global flights: 3 hrs

  • European flights: 2 hrs
  • Local flights: an hour and a half
  • Lodge things and size permitted


Essential medications and infant nourishment might be allowed in more massive amounts over as far as possible yet will be dependent upon confirmation. It will be ideal if you check with the air terminal before your appearance.

Hand Luggage – Restricted Items

If security reallocates your bags at the Airport, security won't give them back to you. Except for changing conditions.

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