Glasgow-Prestwick Airport Arrivals

Tips in the wake of arrivals

Before you leave the airplane, remember to gather every one of your effects. If you have checked bags, the primary thing you have to do is go to the Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK) baggage carousel zone.

At that point (if essential), make immigration and customs clearance, following the line as indicated by your nationality. Once be your turn, show your Passport and Visa (if appropriate). In individual nations may ask where you remain, show the arrival ticket, and so forth. Check this data with the comparing international haven before you travel. Arrivals from Europe will go through passport control and customs. For entries from within the United Kingdom, passengers can proceed straight to baggage collection and arrivals.

When you get to the open region, look at the Ground Transportation connecting the air terminal with the urban zone. If you intend to lease a vehicle instead, check the Car Rental in Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK) and book ahead of time. Check the Vip Lounges and air terminal offices (assuming any) offered by the air terminal on the off chance that you have a long delay. Also, if you are a traveler with diminished portability or a handicap, organize your excursion with your aircraft at any rate 48 hours ahead of time and check the Disabled Passengers' offices at the air terminal.

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